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Friday, 21 June 2013

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY- “Amusing with lot of laughter punches”

The summer has already created a large pool of movie releases which has created confusion among the viewers regarding selection of their choice especially in case of animated movies because they look quite similar to each other.
If you are familiar with the 2001’s “MONSTERS, INC” then here is the movie that should not be missed. Yes, this write-up is about “MONSTERS UNIVERSITY” the next installment of “MONSTERS, INC.”

Your favorite green guy Mike Wazowski is back this summer to entertain you with his new adventurous trip to the University of Monsters. The movie is a prequel to the previous title which is produced by “Pixar Animation Studio” and directed by Dan Scanlon FAMOUS FOR “CARS” (2006) and “MATER AND THE GHOSTLIGHT” (2006). The movie will be released on both 2D , 3D and IMAX 3D formats.
The movie is set 10 years back before the events of “MONSTERS, INC” where your one eyed green guy is a little young monster who dreamed of esteemed Monsters University. His dream comes true when he finally gets an opportunity to enter into the university.
At the university he meets an 18 year blue monster named James .P. Sullivan. Both couldn’t be laid on the same platform as both are having tons of differences. This movie is based on how these two mismatch creatures eliminate their differences.
The Mike Wazowski is voiced by “Billy Crystal” and Sullivan by “John Goodman”. The movie has already released on 21 JUNE 2013. It has received largely positive response from the public. Some people think of it as an entertaining and adorable addition to Pixar’s roster   while other thinks of it as an awful disappointment.

However there are 5 valid reasons why this movie should not be missed :-
1.The movie is prequel to 2001’s block buster “MONSTERS, INC”.
2.The promo looks cool and deeper development of characters.
3.Nice storyline based on friendship and adorability.4.
4.Most of the reviews are positive.
5.There are hardly any Pixar Studio movies which are less amusing.

So guys what more you want is that to rush out to your nearest cinemas or multiplexes to watch our one eyed little monster or download it or watch it in HD direct online from various sites.
I recommend you to watch this movie as it going to pop you with comedy, adventure and friendship.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Monsters University: Marvelous, motivating and potent animated prequel

Set to launch in US theatres on 21st June, 2013, Monsters University is the most anticipated animated film from Pixar Studios that has the ability to entertain its viewers in every possible aspect.

Creating a prequel for a movie in itself is a heavy burden where the story needs to be imagined in the time that has already passed along with keeping in mind the sequel to connect both the stories.

Although the idea to make a prequel to Monsters, Inc. sounded attractive but it consumed a lot of efforts to draft a meaningful storyline where Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, Sulley, were to be shown leading a college life before becoming the most booming “scarer” team.

The film primarily focuses on the days of their life when 18-year old Sulley and Mike enter the college. With the dream to be a scarer, Mike who has chosen Monsters University for its well renowned reputation of producing the best Scarers worldwide passes across tracks with genius Sulley during the first term and ends up being rival with him.

Download Monsters University to watch how the incidents and situations in the flick pave a path to the lifelong friendship of Mike and Sulley which was the main charm for the audience in Monsters, Inc.

While the plot is written with the thought to amuse the viewers, the writers, Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter have included a psychological tale that will create spectator’s experience related to failure in lifestyle or giving up on big desire. The person after moving out of the cinema will definitely feel motivated and filled with new hopes to walk on the altered path to achieve the unfinished goals.

As the time is advancing near for the launch, Pixar is seen promoting the film in a unique way through its fully operational college website like they did for Monsters, Inc. The site includes information on admission, an elaborated campus map, a list of forthcoming campus events and much more.  

The fans are already super excited for the release of the movie that will be available in 3D and 2D formats. Watch Monsters University Online to view if the film manages to keep up to all the promises made by the Walt Disney Pictures.

Hopefully the unusual publicity acts and positive reviews from the most skilled people in the market will brighten the chances for the box-office business of the film. In conclusion, it can be prayed that Pixar and director Dan Scanlon’s hard attempts should potentially generate huge earning for the production.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Monsters University: A splendid gift for the people of all ages

With the summer month clouded with a large number of movies offering action, thrill and adventure to their audience, Monsters University, the prequel to Monsters, Inc. is all ready to take its viewers on a comedy ride narrating the story of two monsters, Mike and Sully, during their college days when they were not best friends alike the previous franchise in which the best pals were shown working in a company Monsters, Inc.

Considering a break from school during these days, the film will provide complete refreshment to the children who are tired and bored of studies. Being a Pixar product, the film is expected to bring charm and happiness on the faces of the children. Download Monsters University to refresh your memories bound to Monsters, Inc. 

The point to be mentioned here is that the flick is not just created keeping in mind the kids but also the young audience who would too feel connected with the characters of the movie. Due to this uniqueness that Pixar includes in its characters, its work is appreciated by the vast group of viewers worldwide.

The sequel to Monsters University, Monsters, Inc. succeeded in grabbing a gross income of $ 255.9 million declaring it to be all-time high earners for Pixar. Initially Walt Disney Pictures made an announcement in which Circle 7 Animation was to make the sequel to Monsters, Inc. instead of Pixar which came out as a surprise for the people.

Since Pixar knew the importance of holding the rights to Monsters, Inc. because of a huge transformation it has brought for the studio, it did not let go the project out of its hand. Finally when the film hit the production floor, Pixar was an indispensible part with the dream to revive the magic caste by the 2001 project. 

Watch the first 3D animation project Monsters University that will mark the opening of the 16th Shanghai International film Festival on June 15, 2013. Additionally 16 short films by Disney that include Partly Cloudy, La Luna, Luxo Jr and The Blue Umbrella will be also screened during the same event.

Recalling the crown of success Monsters, Inc. graced on the heads of the whole crew, it can be certainly assumed that the new flick from Pixar will relive the same achievements that will make Pixar and Disney continue on their blooming path of victory while paving a firm road to motivate and excel themselves in the animated feature films.